How to be sustainable on a budget

People have the misconception that being sustainable is often more expensive. However, this is only sometimes the case. Of course, sustainability usually means more durable and higher-quality products. But this is unnecessary, and you can quickly reduce your spending by being more sustainable and conscious about your purchases. Want to know how? Let us introduce …

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Microplastics in cosmetics

MICROPLASTICS IN COSMETICS With the European Union banning microplastics from cosmetics, paints, detergents, some farm, medical and other products to prevent 500,000 tonnes polluting the seas and rivers. Companies and consumers can now really think about the impact of plastic use and microplastics. Plastic pollution is a global concern and you can find plastic everywhere, …

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Struggles of being a start-up

Social media and the internet might show successful stories of start-ups and entrepreneurs. Though the stories are very inspiring and motivating, many people forget that starting your own company comes with a lot of responsibility, hard work and setbacks.  In this blog post, we will share the struggles of start-up. Though there are struggles with …

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