Waste isn't waste until we waste it

Our mission is to reduce biowaste by giving it a new life. We use a combination of scientific knowledge and traditional knowledge to deliver the hidden value of eggshell and eggshell membranes. In the Netherlands alone, 181 tons of eggshell waste fill up landfills every day! However, the eggshells are a valuable source when the mineral shell and the inner membrane are separated.

There are many benefits to using eggshell membranes. It possesses wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, it also reduces skin aging from UV damage, increases collagen production and cellular activity.


Who are we?

EGGXPERT is an innovative startup company founded in Maastricht, the Netherlands in 2017. We are associated with Brightlands Ecosystem, which is located in Brightlands Chemelot Campus. The company started with two pioneer founders, Dr. Rong Wang and Ir. Msc. Chang Liu, who have a background in regenerative medicine, biomaterials, biobased materials, and materials processing.

What do we do?

We at EGGXPERT provide sustainable solutions for industrial eggshell waste by giving it a new life. We do this by separating the eggshell membrane from the eggshell and turning the eggshell membrane into a water-soluble powder. This powder (ESM) can be used for skincare and health care applications.

Our products are


Our products only contain natural ingredients and are biodegradable

Cruelty free

We do not test our products on animals

Skin friendly

Our products do not contain any silicones, sulfates and parabens.

Our Team

Our small team is working towards a more sustainable future for all of us and the generations to come.

“Dedicated to sustainable and environmental related business development. An innovator with strong driven force on translating bio-organic materials / innovations to market. Experience in chemistry, biomaterials, smart materials, additive manufacturing, tissue regeneration and bio-medicine research.”

Founder & Operational manager

“Specialized in bio-based materials research and applications. An interdisciplinary product design engineer who is pursuing a career path in sustainability. Faithfully in digging nature’s & traditional wisdom for modern product development.”

Business advisor

“Experienced business development manager with a proven track record in international collaborative projects. Experience in various high-tech startups related to smart materials & sustainable manufacturing and life science. Previous experience at Brightlands Innovation Factory and Startup Bootcamp Smart Materials.”

Marketing/Design Intern

“Passionate in graphic design and has an interest in marketing and sustainability. Hopes to have an impact on the way we consume, by contributing to a more sustainable market.”

enzo raguin
R&D engineer intern

Enzo Raguin

“At EGGXPERT, I’m working on a subject that’s really important for me, biotechnology and valorisation of by-product. I’m really proud to be part of this project and make my contribution to answer at one of the new problematics our society is facing.”