Innovation made Sustainable


EGGXPERT is providing sustainable solutions for high quality industrial biowaste – eggshell membranes and eggshells by developing into cosmetic products for beauty care and wound dresser, dietary supplements for healthcare.

our mission

In Netherlands, 30 million eggs are processed and theoretically 181 tons of eggshell waste will be generated per day. According to EU regulations, industrial eggshell is considered as hazardous waste and collected by national authorities or managed by egg companies. However, as the natural bio-based materials, eggshell is a valuable source when the mineral shell and the inner membrane separated. This inner membrane takes up weight of 0.1 wt% and gently envelops the embryo and protects embryos from harmful microorganisms. It’s a hidden treasure. 

“if you truely love nature, you will find beauty every where”

Vincent van Gogh

our services

Licencing know-how on isolation eggshell membranes from eggshells, hydrolysis nature eggshell membranes 

Supply different eggshell membranes as feedstock. Optional for application-driven customized formulas.

We are developing hydrolyzed eggshell membrane proteins into cosmetics and healthcare applications. 

Some of the companies that experienced our collaborations

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