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You, too, will undoubtedly try to live as sustainably as possible. This means, among other things, as little waste as possible. But did you know that even the shells of your daily boiled egg don’t have to go in the trash …?

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“We believe that skincare is not only an experience to express yourself, but also a way to connect with nature.”

How it all started

In the Netherlands alone, 30 million eggs are processed and 181 tons of eggshells are wasted every day.

After noticing the eggshell waste in the Netherlands, Ms. Chang Liu teamed up with Dr. Rong Wang and proposed the business idea of revealing eggshells’ hidden powers with their scientific knowledge. Inside the eggshell, is the eggshell membrane which has many benefits for our skin. Their goal is to reduce biowaste by giving it a new life.

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Meet our first bio-based sheet mask, which is kind to your skin and the earth! Through SCND SKIN sheet masks, we hope to deliver a sustainable message to our customers, making them aware of the hidden value of eggshell membrane and fall in love with the beauty of our nature

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MEET SCND SKIN SCND Skin is our first bio-based product.

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