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Ancient time of China…

Given protection in beginning of life from an embryo, eggshell membrane is associated with unique function in a life birth. Eggshell membrane appears as a remedy for anti-aging, wound healing and other ailments since ancient time of China, in Compendi-um of Materia Medica, the classic work on Chinese herbal medicine compiled from ancient sources and current practices by the great Ming dynasty.

and our challenges

…in modern times.

Today, EGGXPERT took their expertise in biomaterials applications, has developed eggshell membrane proteins into hydating facial masks. An innovative and scientific proof, eco-friendly foil bag sheet mask contains hydrolyzed eggshell membrane peptides blended with hyaluronic sodium to fabricate into a serum developed with exclusive Collo Technologies for healthy skin repair.

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Our Vision

EGGXPERT is a startup focusing on sustainable entrepreneurship in providing sustainable solutions for gaining added value from industrial biowaste – eggshell membranes and eggshells. These hidden treasure will be intellegently combined with milions of other natural ingredients and developed into sustainable cosmetic products for beauty care and wound dresser or dietary supplements for healthcare. 

We as an innovative startup, missioned in delivering  messages to our own employees and our consumers in changing the purchasing behaviors. Our innovations will contribute to agricultural and food by-products management, keep animal safe, benefit the environment and stakeholders of different parties.

Our products with eggshell membrane peptides

When and how to be used

SCND SKINK & Proteggt are the two serials facial sheet mask products developed with EGGXPERT hydrolyzed eggshell membrane proteins under “value-based” philosophy.

The ingredients composed of most skin-friendly natural materials and the functions were tested with non-animal experiments. Simply open the package and gently fit to the face with good affinity. During relaxing with mask, you experience the refreshing and nourishing of your skin.

For who?

SCND SKIN & Proteggt facial masks are designed for different skin types with energizing skin properties. 

What else?

Buying our biobased sheet masks you help yourself and the poultry lives. 1% of our turnover goes to the World Poultry Foundation! It’s our mission to empower farmers and make the lives of poultry and fellow feathered animals a whole lot better. Save your skin, save a chicken!

Our Mission

In Netherlands, 30 million eggs are processed and theoretically 181 tons of eggshell waste will be generated per day. According to EU regulations, industrial eggshell is considered as hazardous waste and collected by national authorities or managed by egg companies. However, as the natural bio-based materials, eggshell is a valuable source when the mineral shell and the inner membrane separated. This inner membrane takes up weight of 0.1 wt% and gently envelops the embryo and protects embryos from harmful microorganisms. It’s a hidden treasure to be revealed. This is our mission to deliver the hidden value of eggshell and eggshell membrane with combination of scientific knowledge and traditional wisdom.

“if you truely love nature, you will find beauty every where”

Vincent van Gogh

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In our latest blog post, we talked about the past, current, and especially the future trend of skincare in general. One big trend, however, was not mentioned, since it is such a prevalent trend deserves its own post: face masks.

Skincare has been essential since way back in ancient times. The first documentations of skincare practices can be traced back to ancient China, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. In China, it can be traced back to the Shang dynasty, around 1760 BC, but the very first recorded skincare routine is that of a Qin dynasty empress. 

Inflammation caused by our own immune system when body recognizes invaders such as invading microbe, plant pollen, etc. which may protect your health in intermittent bouts. However, sometimes, inflammation keeps going even when you are not threatened by a foreign invader, like enjoying a spring with pollen allergic. 

Do you know every day your body generates dramatically free radicals? Those free radicals are waste substances produced by cells as the body processes activities like food digestions, physical excises, or reacts to the environment (e.g., UV or heat exposure, etc.). 

Sustainability is a broad term that describing the ability to exist constantly. To make one product sustainable, the producer should consider not only from environmental domain, but also from social and economic aspects. 

About the backgrounds of our services


Licencing know-how on isolation eggshell membranes from eggshells, hydrolysis nature eggshell membranes 

Supply different eggshell membranes as feedstock. Optional for application-driven customized formulas.

We are developing hydrolyzed eggshell membrane proteins into cosmetics and healthcare applications. 

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