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In this blog post we will give you 5 simple habits to be more kind to our planet. You can start doing these habits right now at this moment! Being kind to our planet should be easy and doable, not hard and inaccessible. The great thing is, everybody start doing this, no matter how much money you have or what you have available to you.

Educate yourself

The simplest habit you can create right now is to educate yourself. Read more books about sustainability, read the news and follow sustainability trends. Understanding why sustainability is so important for our planet right now, is not only beneficial to yourself and the planet but as well for other people. When you educate yourself, you can start to inspire other people to do same. Educating yourself means a conscious lifestyle in which you know what is the best for yourself and the environment.


Voting matters, especially if you want something to change on a bigger scale. We have as citizens the privilege to vote and it is a shame that many people do not take the opportunity to do so.  Voting gives all of us have the power to create a more sustainable future when we vote for policies that will make a positive environmental impact. Look for political parties who share the same values as you or even join one to really have an positive impact on the environment.

Use natural cleaning products

Did you know that a lot of cleaning products contain toxic ingredients which are bad to inhale? Acetone and ammonia are commonly used ingredients which will linger in the air after cleaning a surface. In contrast, most natural cleaning products avoid common irritants, allergens, and toxic substances. Instead, they use vinegar, oils, plant-based ingredients, and natural fragrances. Not only does a switch to more natural cleaning products mean a toxin-free environment for you and your family, it saves harmful chemicals ending up in our oceans, where they can harm marine life too. You can even make these natural cleaning products yourself with things you already have in your kitchen!

Reuse reuse reuse

Anything you buy can be reused in a different way to some extent. For example, jam jars and candle jars can become new glasses to drink out of, or plant a flower in it. Be creative! Cut up old t-shirts to make new kitchen towels, or create a whole new clothing item from it. You don’t have to spend a single cent to reuse things!

Try out vegetarian/vegan dishes

Vegetarian and vegan food is becoming more popular and more people start to realize vegetarian/vegan food is not only lettuce and tofu. There are so many great vegetarian/vegan recipes out there which taste just as good as dishes with meat, maybe even better! It is time to get your kitchen utensils out of the cabinet and try out something new. Not only is it cheaper but much healthier too!