Energy prices have soared over the past years and it is unfortunately still holding on. According to CBS, the average household will pay 86% more for energy this year than in 2021! Though the Ducth government is taking measurements to help out certain households with their energy bill, it is still a struggle. Winter is coming and that means the use of energy is going to increase. So, in this blogpost we will show you that while you are saving energy, that it can have actual benefits for your skin!

You don’t need hot water to wash your face

Hot water might feel nice, it feels like you are opening your pores and the heat might feel very calming to the skin. Does our skin need hot water?  Hot water strips your skin from natural oils and heightens the level of skin sensitivity, which leads to dry sensitive skin. So instead of using hot water, use lukewarm water or even cold water! 

Cold water has many benefits for the skin. Cold water helps regulate oil levels, tightens your skin which makes it look fresh and renewed and helps boost blood circulation. (Healthline, 2021) We recommend washing your face with lukewarm water first and then finish off with cold water. You will feel refreshed while saving some energy.

Unplug your beauty electronics

We all love our facial cleanser devices, but do you unplug the chargers when it is not in use? We might forget to unplug it and keep it on the counter for easy use. But of course, this also applies to other beauty devices such as toothbrushes, light-up mirrors, epilators etc. What’s even better is to use konjac sponges or manual facial cleanser brushes to wash your face! They have the same benefits.

Cold temperatures are actually good for the skin!

Of course, we do not mean freezing temperatures, but keeping your heater on a lower temperature is actually beneficial for your skin (in moderation). Cold air promotes blood circulation in both the face and the rest of your body. An increase in circulation means reduced inflammation and naturally less-puffy eyes. Furthermore, colder temperature rooms also promote better sleep. To keep you and your skin healthy, good sleep is vital!