Finally after years of research and developing our product, we can finally announce that SCND SKIN is here! It is been a long journey and words can’t describe how it feels to hold our own product in our hands. We are so excited for SCND SKIN to be in our webshop and hopefully soon in […]


Let’s Help Farm Animals!

Let’s help farm animals! We all know that farm animals aren’t treated ethical. To boost productivity and the maximum profit, these farm animals are crammed together, abused and mutilated. Around two in every three farm animals are factory farmed (that’s over 50 billion every year!). These intensive systems put production above all else, creating vast quantities of

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MEET SCND SKIN SCND Skin is our first bio-based product. SCND Skin is a facial sheet mask and has ingredients derived from biowaste, eggshells. In this blog you will read more about SCND SKIN and its sustainability. Why is SCND SKIN sustainable and why should you buy it? Why is SCND SKIN sustainable? You probably

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EGGXPERT at Limburg Leads 2021

We are at Limburg Leads! EGGXPERT will be attending Limburg Leads this year and everybody is welcome to see us! What is Limburg Leads? Limburg Leads is the Euregional platform where business, government, and knowledge institutions meet, multiply knowledge and do good business. Because valuable meetings lead to successful leads. LIOF, LRM NV, and NRW

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Trendsetting of skincare

Ancient times Skincare has been essential since way back in ancient times. The first documentations of skincare practices can be traced back to ancient China, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. In China, it can be traced back to the Shang dynasty, around 1760 BC, but the very first recorded skincare routine is that of a Qin

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