Visit EGGXPERT at Discovery Museum

What is waste? What is beauty? For EGGXPERT, the boundary between these two is actually blurred. As a start-up company that promotes a more sustainable world by using wasted eggshells, they want to invite people to rethink the definition of waste and beauty. Only in the Netherlands, 30 million eggs are processed, and 181 tons of eggshells are wasted every day. However, these shells don’t have to go in the trash but could be made into something beautiful

After weeks of preparing for the exhibition for Discovery museum, we can finally announce that EGGXPERT will be showcasing their innovative project in Discovery Museum starting April 22nd! During this exhibition we will present how we contribute to solving issues regarding bio-waste with other innovative circular projects from Limburg.

Where can you find us in the Museum?

You can find EGGXPERT in the Innovation Gallery section of the museum. In this Innovation Gallery section you will find twelve other innovative, circular projects that provide answers to small and large projects around development in which all raw materials and parts are reused and thus retain their value. The public chose these projects from 22 entries. 

Our exhibition will be themed “waste and beauty”. We believe that “waste” shouldn’t always be seen as something negative.  Sometimes “waste” can become beautiful, meaningful and valuable things to us. Like the saying goes: “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. We will present ideas to make the so-called waste beautiful again in this exhibition.

What is Discovery Museum?

Discovery Museum wants to involve everyone in the collective to make the earth a better place. The museum provides an accessible and instructive insight into how the world works in the field of science and technology. These insights and making connections between past, present and future, change worldviews and thought patterns. Discovery Museum provides visitors with knowledge, skills and inspiration to contribute  positive change to themselves.

In addition, the Discovery Museum aims to be a knowledge center in the field of earth, science, technology and design. The museum’s activities are focused on reflection and debate, and contribution to improving harmony between people, nature and society.

Order your tickets now to see EGGXPERT starting April 22nd!

The team of EGGXPERT is very grateful for this opportunity and would like to thank everyone who voted for us during the voting session. Invite your friends and family, and enjoy a day visiting Discovery Museum and  Discover Sustainability with EGGXPERT.

You can visit Discovery Museum at Museumplein 2, 6461 MA, Kerkrade.