SCND Skin is our first bio-based product. SCND Skin is a facial sheet mask and has ingredients derived from biowaste, eggshells. In this blog you will read more about SCND SKIN and its sustainability. Why is SCND SKIN sustainable and why should you buy it?

Why is SCND SKIN sustainable?

You probably already know from reading our website, that in the Netherlands alone, 30 million eggs are processed and around 181 tons of eggshells are wasted every day. Most of these eggshells end up filling up landfills. However, many people do not know the powers of the eggshell membrane.

EGGXPERT is developing an eco-friendly process for large-scale production of eggshell membrane powder (ESM). There are no chemical procedures involved in extracting the eggshell membrane from the eggshell. Energy consumption, hazardous level, and waste emission will be key parameters to be monitored. Apart from that, EGGXPERT will cooperate with local egg processors for ESM raw materials so that the carbon footprint from logistics can be controlled at the lowest level.

From raw eggshells to a serum

EGGXPERT insists to develop a serum formula composed by 100% bio-based ingredients. Not only synthetic chemicals, but ingredients from rare plants or animals are also avoided in SCND SKIN products. In addition, EGGXPERT cares about animal welfare. Animal tests are firmly prohibited in our product development. 

The production of our facial sheet masks

EGGXPERT takes care in the selection of every business partner. Beyond the ensurance of product quality, we only cooperate with companies with similar sustainability cultures. The production of SCND SKIN facial masks is performed in a world-leading carbon-neutral factory with both LEED Silver and ECOCERT certificates. You can read more about our manufacturer on our Projects page here.

EGGXPERT pays special attentions in material selection. We aim at achieving a facial mask product with 100% recyclable/biodegradable mask sheet and packaging materials. Apart from it, overpackaging is not allowed in our product even though it may visually increase product value. Through SCND SKIN facial masks, we hope to deliver a sustainable message to our customers, making them aware of the hidden value from ESM and fall in love with the beauty of our nature.

SCND SKIN EGGXPERT sheet mask packaging

The benefits of ESM

So what are the benefits of eggshell membrane (ESM)?

There are many benefits to using eggshell membranes. here is a list of some of the benefits of ESM for skincare:

  • Wound healing
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • reduces skin aging from UV damage
  • increases collagen production and cellular activity
  • improve skin smoothness and luminance
  • Reduce acne