In this blogpost, we would like to compile all our blog posts. This year we posted 21 blogs, talking about sustainability, skincare, gender equality and empowerment! We would like to proudly reshare them here, in case you have missed a blog post.


Sustainability is one of the main topics we as EGGXPERT like to talk about. We believe that even the smallest contribution to a greener world helps. All you have to do is to start. We have a few blogs where we share our knowledge of sustainability and ways you can be more sustainable!

  • Microplastics in Cosmetics (link)
  • Sustainability in the skincare industry (link)
  • 5 Simple habits to be more kind to our planet (link)
  • How to reduce your carbon footprint (link)
  • The benefits of saving energy for your skin (link)
  • How to be sustainable on a budget (link)
  • How to reuse eggshells + 3 Asian egg recipes (link)


Skincare is part of taking care of yourself and a form of self love. We believe no matter what, we need time to take care of the biggest organ of our body, the skin. Here we have all the blogs where we share our knowledge about skincare and how you can take better care of it!

  • How to build a skincare routine (link)
  • The rising trend of sheet masks (link)
  • How to use Gua Sha 101 (link)
  • How to reduce redness, irritation and inflammation (link)
  • Skincare Basics 101 layering skincare (link)
  • 7 Habits of people with great skin (link)

Gender equality and empowerment

We value gender equality and empowerment. Besides working towards a more sustainable world, we also want to work towards a more fair and ethical world where we can empower each other. Here are all the blogs all about gender equality and empowerment!

  • The rise of female entrepreneurs (link)
  • Let’s make skincare unisex (link)


Here are all the blogs about business and behind the scenes with EGGXPERT. We value transparency and want to share our new achievements and updates with you.

  • The struggles of a start-up (link)
  • Visit EGGXPERT at Discovery museum (link)
  • EGGXPERT at the Chinese speaking contest (link)
  • SCND SKIN is here (link)

Seasonal holidays

Here are all the seasonal holiday blogs in which we share ways to show your loved ones love.

  • Gift giving is coming up, need a Gift? We got you! (link)
  • How to reuse eggshells + 3 Asian egg recipes (link)
  • Is gift-giving your love language? (link)