EGGXPERT sponsors chinese speaking contest for students banner

Last year, EGGXPERT sponsored the Chinese speaking contest which took place online and we witnessed many talented candidates show off their Chinese speaking skills and talents. This year too, EGGXPERT is sponsoring and supporting the Chinese speaking contest hosted by Confucius Institute. 

Another successful year!

EGGXPERT is a start-up company founded by two Chinese female entrepreneurs. As a company whose work is inspired by traditional Chinese skincare ideas, we are so glad to see more and more people are interested in the Chinese language and culture. It is truly beautiful to see our culture being shared and people who are not Chinese taking the effort to learn the language, which is often seen as very difficult. We want to applaud the candidates for their hard work and their talents.

We want to thank Confucius Institute for the great event and we have enjoyed watching the competition in person, which was not possible last year due to the pandemic. 

Confucius institute posted a blog about the competition which can be found hier.