Discover the power of eggshells

EGGXPERT is an innovative startup company associated in Brightlands ecosystem, which started in Brightlands Chemlot Campus, in Province of Limburg, The Netherlands. We see the environmental concerns and we provides sustainable solutions for eggshells worldwide. 

We welcome partners in poultry industries, business experts, public and private funding partners or manufactures to team up.

Wat wij bieden

Rauwe eierschil membraan poeder (ESM)

Hoge kwaliteit van ongekookte eierschil membraan poeder met eiwitten inhoud van boven 95%.

wateroplosbare ESM peptiden (SEP)

High purity water soluble eggshell membrane proteins hydrolyzed with chemical or enzymatic process. 

Bio-Calcium Carbonate (EcoMine)

High purity eggshells with bio-calcium carbonate content above 98%.