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We have all experienced inflamed skin. You skin is red, irritated, hot and sometimes it is very sore. Some people experience it every few days because they have acne, and others experience it every now and then. What is the cause for inflammation and what can you do to reduce it and treat it? In this blog post we will show you how to reduce redness, irritation and inflammation of the skin.

Causes of inflammation

Redness and irritation is the aftermath of having inflamed skin. But what are the exact causes? There are a multiple causes of inflammation, some you can control and some you cannot.  Inflammation occurs when your immune system responds to a stimulus or trigger. Here is list of triggers that can cause your inflammation.

  • Allergy of external forces
  • Bacterial infection or bacteria on the surface of the skin
  • Heat
  • Immune dysfunction
  • Genetics

depending on the causes, there are ways to reduce inflammation. For example bacteria on the surface can easily be prevented by cleaning you skin regularly with ingredients which won’t irritate you. We always recommend seeing a doctor if inflammation of the skin occurs often for you. 

How to reduce it

A good skincare can help a lot with reducing inflammation. A good skincare routine essentially builds up a strong skin barrier so it has lesser chance of being infected or inflamed. A damaged skin barrier can cause irritants, allergens and pollutants to penetrate the skin more easily, which causes inflammation and redness. So how do you build a strong skin barrier?

The skin barrier is slightly acidic and this acidity helps to create a buffer against growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi, which can damage your skin. So protecting this acid mantle is key! There a few things you can do to replenish/maintain your acid mantle:

  • Using a jojoba, coconut, almond rosehip and any other plant oils to replenish your skin barrier. Many of these oils have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Look for skincare products which include ceramides. This ingredient strengthens the structural integrity of your skin barrier.
  • Pay attention to the pH. The acid mantle hovers around a pH of 5.7. Keep your cleansers close to your skin’s natural pH to avoid damaging your acid mantle.

Furthermore, lifestyle is very important. Someone with a healthier lifestyle has a stronger immune system. Sleeping, eating healthy, exercising regularly and taking care of their mental health are all ways of reducing the chance of getting inflamed. At the end of the day, a healthy body and mind leads to stronger immune system to fight of any bacteria or irritants. 

Try out an anti-inflammatory sheet mask

SCND SKIN is a biodegradable sheet mask made from natural cellulose and has no toxic ingredients which would harm the environment. The sheet mask is made from ESM, eggshell membrane, which is obtained by giving thrown-out eggshells another chance.

There are many benefits to using eggshell membranes. here is a list of some of the benefits of ESM for skincare:

  • Wound healing
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • reduces skin aging from UV damage
  • increases collagen production and cellular activity
  • improve skin smoothness and luminance
  • Reduce acne