The rising trend of sheet masks

Maybe you have been noticing that a lot of skincare brands are starting to sell sheet masks. Maybe you have already collected a few and implemented this skincare product into your weekly routine. Very interestingly, the pandemic has caused the sheet mask sales to go up, thanks to people having more time to take care of themselves. So what are the benefits of using these sheet masks ? Should you jump on this trend as well? (Spoiler: YES!)

the origin of sheet masks

The origin of sheet masks dates back to Japan, where Geishas would gather scraps of silk and soak them in flower water. They would place this scrap of silk onto their face and let the mask moisturise their skin.

However, the sheet mask trend really took off in South-Korea. Many popular sheet masks are originally from there and many South-Koreans implement this skincare product into their skincare routine. Since Korean pop culture has been more popular globally, many Western brands are taking inspiration from South-Korean skincare products.

The benefits of using a sheet mask

The rising trend of using sheet masks has reasons. There are many benefits to using a serum-soaked sheet mask on the face rather than applying the serum directly onto your skin. Sheet maks will give the skin an immediate boost of moisture. The sheet mask creates a temporary barrier for locking in the moisture and effects of the serum, which will lead to a glowy, supple and moisturised skin. But be aware, the sheet mask should not dry up on your face as that would do the opposite. It is better to take off your sheet mask after 15 minutes when it is still damp.



SCND SKIN Sheetmask

You might think that these single use sheet masks are not sustainable. And that is totally true. However there are biodegradable sheet masks which are sustainable and environmentally friendly. SCND SKIN is a biodegradable sheet mask made from natural cellulose and has no toxic ingredients which would harm the environment. 

SCND SKIN is not only kind to your skin but also to the environment!