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Not many people know that there is an order in which you use your skincare. Do you start with a serum and end with a moisturizer? When should I use my sunscreen, before my moisturizer or after? Does it even matter at all what order you put your skincare on? Well it does matter! In this blog post we will show you the correct order of layering your skincare products. This way you can get the most out of your products.

Why is proper layering so important?

When you apply a thicker cream first and then use a light serum, it makes sense that your skin has a hard time absorbing the serum. This is why proper layering is so important. You want to make sure that all your skincare products are fully absorbed by your skin. skincare products which is not layered properly is not only a waste of time but a waste of product as well.

It is also worth mentioning that when layering, waiting for your product to settle in first before applying something else is also very important. A good rule of thumb is waiting 30 seconds after you applied one layer. This also makes sure your products won’t create a pile of balls on your face when rubbing in your next layers.

The correct order of layering skincare

We have a made a quick cheat sheet for you when applying your skincare products. The cheat sheet shows the right order of skincare layering. The general rule of layering is using thinner consistencies first and going thicker as you go. You might think: “Why is facial oils last? Isn’t facial oil thinner than moisturizer?” The is answer is: No.

Facial oils are actually heavier than moisturizers and it can seep through the layers underneath it. However if you apply something on top of the oil, it blocks the product from absorbing into the skin.

Furthermore, physical sunscreen should always be your last skincare layer. The reason is because physical sunscreen creates an actual physical barrier to protect your skin from the sun. Chemical sunscreen is different because the skin needs to absorb it first. This way it is able to absorb the UV rays and convert these rays into heat. When it is converted into heat, your body can release it. 

layering skincare cheat sheet guide