Let's help farm animals!

We all know that farm animals aren’t treated ethical. To boost productivity and the maximum profit, these farm animals are crammed together, abused and mutilated. Around two in every three farm animals are factory farmed (that’s over 50 billion every year!). These intensive systems put production above all else, creating vast quantities of seemingly cheap meat, milk and eggs. But factory farming comes at a cost. Treated as commodities, animals are often raised in intense confinement. Factory farming is highly dependent on large quantities of precious resources, such as grain-based feed, water, energy and medication. (CiWF, 2021)

We will donate 1% of our total profit to Compassion in World Farming

Our products are not vegan, because we use eggshell membrane waste to make our products. By using bio-waste we are contributing to a more sustainable world, but what about the animals? We are fully aware of the animal cruelty behind farm animals and in this case chickens. In The Netherlands there are about 40 million laying hens and they usually live indoors. Almost half of them live in cramped cafes with little to no space to move freely. Luckily, more and more farmers are switching to free-range, in which the laying hens can move and run freely.

We as EGGXPERT, do not tolerate or accept farm animal cruelty and this is why we will donate 1% of our total profit to Compassion in World Farming. CiWF strives to stopping factory farming, which is an unethical way of farming animals in which profit is the main focus. The farm animals which live under these conditions are treated as objects rather than sentient beings.

By donating we support CiWF:

  • Spreading awareness about farm animal cruelty worldwide 
  • Taking action at international organisations and the government
  • persuade big poultry farms to switch to an ethical form of farming and keeping animals

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