Microplastics in cosmetics

MICROPLASTICS IN COSMETICS With the European Union banning microplastics from cosmetics, paints, detergents, some farm, medical and other products to prevent 500,000 tonnes polluting the seas and rivers. Companies and consumers can now really think about the impact of plastic use and microplastics. Plastic pollution is a global concern and you can find plastic everywhere,

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The Hidden Treasure of ESM

The hidden treasure of ESM If you have browsed through our website, you know that in the Netherlands alone, 30 million eggs are processed and about 181 tons of eggshells are wasted every day. Worldwide, eggshell waste is enormous. According to EC regulations, industrial eggshells are considered as hazardous waste. Scientifically speaking, this waste is recognized

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Natural antioxidant from eggshell membrane proteins​

Natural antioxidant from eggshell membraine proteins Did you know that every day your body generates dramatically free radicals? Those free radicals are waste substances produced by cells as the body processes activities like food digestions, physical excises, or reacts to the environment (e.g., UV or heat exposure, etc.). If the body cannot eliminate or remove

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