Gift giving season is coming up. The question that will come up during this time is: “What is a good gift?” or “What am I going to get them this year?” We all want to make sure that our gift to our loved ones are valuable to them and that they can make good use of it. Well, this year, a gift could carry more practical and beautiful meaning. That is why you receive this message that we’d like to share our thoughts with you. 

A gift of SCND SKIN sheet mask for the loved ones.

SCND SKIN is a good gift and a kind gift to our planet.

The SCND SKIN sheet mask is kind to the skin, it is also kind to the planet. It is bio-based, made from eggshell membrane. There are many benefits to using eggshell membranes. It possesses wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It also reduces skin ageing from UV damage, increases collagen production and cellular activity. And, we as EGGXPERT work with sustainable manufacturers to produce our masks! 

It is a good gift to remind us about self-care, not only for ourselves as physical and mental care, but also self-care to our planet. A sheet mask is not going to wipe the stress away for you and your loved ones at the end of the week or even the day, but it gives a chance to calm down and rewind. It’s all about the extra step to take care of your own well-being.

SCND SKIN is versatile for different situations

Whether you use the sheet mask to relax or to give your skin a boost. SCND SKIN sheet masks are versatile for all sorts of situations. You can use the sheet mask during sleepovers at friends, in front of the computer when you have to make long hours, to calm down your skin after scrubbing or shaving, or during  the lazy slow mornings to get your day started. SCND SKIN sheet masks are for everyone in every single situation possible!