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People with great skin have their own skincare routines. However one specific skincare routine won’t work for everyone. Every product has different effects on different skins and not everyone has access to a certain product or has the money for it. In this blog post we will show you 7 habits you can start using today for a more beautiful, radiant en healthy skin! 

1. Drink lots of water

You have seen this habit everywhere but it is really true. Studies have shown that hydration levels of skin significantly increased by drinking lots of water daily. Of course it depends on your weight and height how much water your body needs, which is easily calculated by searching it up on Google. High hydration levels makes the skin clear with barely visible pores and makes the skin glow. So instead of consuming coffee, juice, or other sweetened drinks, it is better to drink water. 

2. Apply sunscreen every day

Many people think you only need to apply sunscreen during the summer when the sun is bright. However this is a misconception, the sun is always there, even in the winter, and so there is always UV damage lurking around the corner. So, make sure to protect your skin with a sunscreen which is suitable for your skin type. Using sunscreen every day protects your skin barrier, if broken it can lead to breakouts, inflammation and irritation.

3. Get enough sleep

Again, this is a habit that you have heard every where too. However many people underestimate the power of sleep. No matter how busy you are, sleep  should be taken more seriously. A Swedish study showed that sleep deprivation affects facial cues in a negative way. The sleep deprived individuals were noted to have hanging eyelids, swollen eyes, darker circles and more droopy corners of the mouth. So start sleeping more!

4. Face massages

You don’t need a fancy guasha or go to beauty clinics every week to have face massages. You just need some oil and your own hands to get started. So what are the benefits of face massages?  It helps promote healthy skin while relaxing your face muscles. In addition, it helps circulate the blood under your skin which will make your skin more plump, radiant, glowy and promotes skin tissue healing.

5. Cut down on sugar

According to Healthline, one study found that people who frequently consumed more added sugars have a 30% greater risk of developing acne, and those who regularly ate pastries and cakes had a 20% greater risk. So before you buy yourself an expensive acne treatment, try to reduce your sugar intake or cut out sugar as a habit.

6. Use lukewarm water to wash your face

Some people wash their face with hot water to open up their pores and wash their face. However using hot water to wash your face can strip your skin from healthy oils and damage the skin barrier. When washing your face, using lukewarm water is better. If you do want to open up your pores, use steam instead of actual hot water!

7. Switch out your pillowcases

We put our face every day on our pillow when we go to sleep, so it makes sense that after a few weeks or even days, the pillow case is dirty. It is recommended to change your pillow case every week or 2 to avoid dirty pillow cases transferring bacteria to your skin. So if you are doing every habit mentioned above and have a good solid skincare, but you are still breaking out, maybe it is time to switch out your pillow case?