10 Easy Ways To Be More Sustainable

Nowadays, sustainability has been becoming more and more important. More people are switching to a more sustainable lifestyle for themselves, for the planet or both. Many people have the belief that living more sustainable is expensive and difficult, but there are many easy ways for you to live more sustainable! In this blogpost, I will be sharing 10 easy ways to be more sustainable and kind to our planet.

1. Sell or buy secondhand items/clothing

This is also an easy way to earn some money. Many of us have items or clothing laying around which hasn’t been used or worn. By selling these, someone else can use it. Your trash might be someone else’s treasure!

2. Purchase fair-trade products.

Many products are imported from all over the world, such as coffee, chocolate, tea, etc. The fair-trade certification tells you that these products are grown sustainably and the local people who produced them are paid fairly. 

3. Eat less meat

Each meat-eater is responsible for 1.5  tons of greenhouse gases per year! You don’t have to go vegetarian all the way to reduce your carbon footprint. By eating less meat, you will also be saving a lot of money! 

4. Use reusable alternatives

Buying reusable utensils is a great way to start your journey on becoming more sustainable. Plastic takes up to 1000 years to decompose. Say no to single-use plastic utensils and yourself a nice reusable water bottle!

5. Deny plastic bags

Just like using reusable alternatives, get yourself a reusable tote bag or just use the plastic bags you already have when doing groceries. Besides, by using what you have, you don’t have to pay extra for a plastic bag!

6. Buy more local produce

By buying more locally, you not only help the environment but also yourself. The produce is fresher, generally cheaper, and is easily accessible. Produce which are imported from other countries, have to travel miles to reach your plate.

7. Buy only what you need

We are all guilty of impulsive shopping. Many times, our impulsive purchases end up in the back of our closet or somewhere inside the cupboard. Being more conscious about what you purchase can save you money and unnecessary waste.

8. Turn off the sink when brushing your teeth

I think this speaks for itself. When you aren’t using the water, turn the sink off. In the long run, you will be saving a lot of water.

9. Walk!

If the destination is only 5 minutes from you, walk! is it 20 minutes from your place and you can get there easily with a bike, bike! and if it is really far, you can always take public transport! In other words, use the car only when it is necessary. 

10. Talk about sustainability

This might be the easiest way to be more sustainable. Spread the word! By talking about sustainability and bringing up the topic, you can create more awareness in your social circle.