Synergy between Frisian Egg and EGGXPERT

Who is Frisian Egg

Frisian Egg is founded in 1981, a poultry farm in Bakkeveen, which started as an egg-packing station. Now Frisian Egg provides worldwide bakeries, manufacturers, and supermarkets with the contents of the eggs. Millions of eggs are broken and separated weekly to deliver the liquid egg and egg powders.

Where all excelled

Since eggshells are not used for any food-related products, they are usually disposed of or treated into how-value soil fertilizer. It seems to be a waste of resources, moreover, it requires extra treatment. Then the question is: Are they really useless?

No, they are totally not! Many studies have shown that eggshell membranes have many benefits for the skin, joints, and tissues. For instance, the eggshell membrane has been shown to increase cellular activity and collagen production, it also reduces damages caused by UV light and inflammation. It has positive effects on bone and cartilage and can treat pain and stiffness in the joints.

EGGXPERT working in laboratory for ESM
Research studies on hydrolyzation methods and functionality of membrane proteins in supported labs

Sustainable support along the journey

EGGXPERT B.V. is founded in 2017 in Maastricht, a start-up company aiming for a sustainable world by taking waste products and giving them a new life. After noticing the insufficient eggshell membrane waste management problem in the Netherlands and Europe, Ms. Chang Liu teamed up with Dr. Rong Wang and proposed the business idea of revealing eggshell membrane’s hidden treasure with their scientific knowledge.

During the developing phase of 2018-2019, Frisian Egg had supported EGGXPERT by supplying free raw materials in no time. EGGXPERT utilized the high-quality eggshell membranes from Frisian Egg and turned the membranes into hydrolyzed eggshell membrane proteins/peptides. The hydrolyzed eggshell membrane is water-soluble and with small absorbable molecular lengths which means it can be used in many different ways by dissolving it and absorbing it.

Impressed by the technology and knowledge developed, in 2020, Frisian Egg decided to upgrade its product portfolio and seek the opportunity of licensing EGGXPERT’s know-how knowledge. And yet in May 2021, Frisian Egg and EGGXPERT agreed to synergize the knowledge and process in order to produce tons of hydrolyzed eggshell membrane proteins for cosmetical ingredients, biomedical devices, etc.

EGGXPERT, together with Frisian egg, aims to turn waste into valuable products and create a more sustainable world!

EGGXPERT's Rong Wang shaking hands with Frisian Egg's Johan Struiver
Dr. Wang, co-founder of EGGXPERT and Mr. Johan Struiver, co-owner of Frisian Egg established firm collaboration in headquarter of Frisian Egg (Drachten) for knowledge exchange.