“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson.


It is well known that there is a huge amount of eggshell wastes generated from poultry industry. In the year of 2015, for EU countries alone, the amount of eggshell wastes reached 999,000 tonnes. To systematically collect and dispose the waste by national authorities, it is very costly, which is around €100,000/year and can be a huge financial burden, especially for those small/medium size companies. EGGXPERT develops and markets sustainable products worldwide. Currently, the industry has recognized the value of eggshell and developed it into high-quality commercialized fertilizers. However, the value of eggshell membranes has not been revealed yet. The manufacturers always remove the membranes from the shells during fertilizer production, because the protein-rich membranes will rot quickly and lease harmful compounds/gases to the environment. As a result, eggshell membranes become the only waste in egg industry.


EGGXPERT is a innovation startup company launched in Netherlands. We watch out the environmental concerns and we provides sustainable solutions, in worldwide.


EGGXPERT will hand on the development of skin care products that combine Traditional Chinese Medicine wisdom and modern technologies. Our mission is maximum the value of eggshell membrane and its unique physical structures.


Calcium carbonate is the most valuable source of calcium in the nature. Together with egg membranes, addition to the nutritional benefits they provide, we’ve found a variety of uses in healthcare sector, for instance, arthritis pain release, wound healing, bone regeneration, dental filler materials, calcium deficiency food additives, etc.


Thanks to high abundant of calcium carbonate generated from egg industries, it can be added into plastics and enforces the mechanical properties of the engineering plastic. EGGXPERT is actively looking for the merging benefits between bio-based materials with plastics. EGGXPERT would start from an application that towards market sooner, which is the cosmetic industry. Our first serial of concept product named REVEAL.