EGGXPERT's footprints in past years

Along with the journey, EGGXPERT is attracting wide attentions and building partnerships with top research universities, local business support teams, funding accessibility and worldwide companies. Up to now, EGGXPERT is keeping the pace in achieving business milestones:


  • 2018 March: Achieved first subsidy as business starting fund from LIOF – LBDF
  • 2018 July: Established solid eggshell membrane supply chain with major egg processors in the Netherlands
  • 2018 December: Accomplished lab-scale feasibility study with the collaborations with top universities in Netherlands and Germany


  • 2019 January: Defined clear business strategy for cosmetic sector with two product lines, targeting both middle- and high-end market in EU and China
  • 2019 May: Established solid partnership with EU manufacturers for raw materials and final product
  • 2019 June: Total achieved funding reached a number of 175K euro
  • 2019 November: Defined first product branding concept and packaging design with Cube Design Museum’s collaboration


  • 2020 February: Expanded business scope to medical and health sector
  • 2020 June: granted with COL-corona bridging loan from ROM’s
  • 2020 November: Joint force of Yashi Xiao on Marketing management
  • 2021 Janurary: TCI (Taiwan) as manufacture partner & Join force of Sandy Ying in marketing stratigic promotion
  • 2021 March: Joint force of intern with design background

Manufacturing with TCI Co., Ltd.

At EGGXPERT, we find transparency with our clients very important. This means being transparent in what we do, who we work with, and what our products are made of, from packaging to formula. Of course, choosing the most sustainable manufacturer for our products is one of our priorities.

Regarding our facial sheet masks, SCND SKIN, we work together with TCI Co. TCI has a long-term positive commitment to providing clients and consumers with high-performance products and services. Their products are made with green energy, therefore reducing air pollution and carbon dioxide (CO2).

Together we work towards a more sustainable alternative for the skincare market and a better planet.

Want to know more about our manufacturer? Read more about them here.

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Licencing out hydrolyzed ESM processing

The team of EGGXPERT is composed of different expertise, especially with strong scientific research background. The proof of concept on hydrolyzing raw eggshell membrane has vastly investigated within EGGXPERT’s R&D team. 

Trust in our knowledge and expertise, another innovative SEM, namely Dutch eggmembrane protein powder, DEPP B.V. was convinced to take licencing agreement with EGGXPERT to massproduce hydrolyzed eggshell membrane proteins in the most green and sustainable process method. 

Together with the enforcements, a more sustainable and economical management of industrial eggshells would be realized in the upcoming future. 

Want to learn more about the current state of hydrolyzed eggshell membrane proteins? Contact us here

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