SCND SKIN's sustainability

Sustainability is a broad term that describing the ability to exist constantly. To make one product sustainable, the producer should consider not only from environmental domain, but also from social and economic aspects. In terms of environment, a product should eliminate its negative impact to environment as much as possible, which is usually associated with the selection of raw materials, logistic strategy, waste emission during production and application, post-treatment after service life. As for economics, every stakeholder in the product value chain should gain a sustainable business, from initial suppliers to final end-users, even the waste management enterprises. Last but not least, from social aspect, one sustainable product should be able to influence the society and change people’s behaviour towards a more sustainable community. Upholding the faith of creating a real sustainable product, EGGXPERT is taking great effort to spread the spirit of sustainability in every detail of designing SCND SKIN facial masks product.

For processing of ESM intermediate ingredients:

EGGXPERT is developing an eco-friendly process for large-scale production of ESM intermediate ingredients. Energy consumption, hazardous level, and waste emission will be key parameters to be monitored. Apart from it, EGGXPERT will cooperate with local egg processors for ESM raw materials feedstock so that the carbon footprint from logistics can be controlled in the lowest level.

For ESM-based serum formula:

EGGXPERT insists to develop a serum formula composed by 100% bio-based ingredients. Not only synthetic chemicals, ingredients from rare plants or animals are also avoided in SCND SKIN product. In addition, EGGXPERT cares about animal welfare. Animal tests are firmly prohibited in our product development.

For facial mask production:

EGGXPERT takes care in the selection of every business partner. Beyond the ensure of product quality, we only cooperate with companies with similar sustainability culture. The production of SCND SKIN facial masks is performed in a world-leading carbon-neutral factory with both LEED Silver and ECOCERT certificates.

For user’s experience:

EGGXPERT pays special attentions in material selection. We aim at achieving a facial mask product with 100% recyclable/biodegradable mask sheet and packaging materials. Apart from it, overpackaging is not allowed in our product even though it may visually increase product value. Through SCND SKIN facial masks, we hope to deliver a sustainable message to our customers, making them aware of the hidden value from ESM and fall in love with the beauty of our nature.

we are on the way to our vision. Are you the one that walks along with us? Please feel most welcomed to contact and learn more from us. For interested collabrations, please contact us directly.