The trend of sheet masks

The rising trend of sheet masks Maybe you have been noticing that a lot of skincare brands are starting to sell sheet masks. Maybe you have already collected a few and implemented this skincare product into your weekly routine. Very interestingly, the pandemic has caused the sheet mask sales to go up, thanks to people […]

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MEET SCND SKIN SCND Skin is our first bio-based product. SCND Skin is a facial sheet mask and has ingredients derived from biowaste, eggshells. In this blog you will read more about SCND SKIN and its sustainability. Why is SCND SKIN sustainable and why should you buy it? Why is SCND SKIN sustainable? You probably

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Trendsetting of skincare

Ancient times Skincare has been essential since way back in ancient times. The first documentations of skincare practices can be traced back to ancient China, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. In China, it can be traced back to the Shang dynasty, around 1760 BC, but the very first recorded skincare routine is that of a Qin

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