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EGGXPERT's footprint of hidden treasure

Given protection in beginning of life from an embryo, eggshell membrane has been explored as a remedy for wound healing and skin caring since ancient time of China. Not only being recorded in the great work on Chinese herbal medicine – Compendium of Materia Medica (本草纲目), this ancient wisdom is widely employed in modern skin repairing treatment by modern research. It has been scientifically proved that eggshell membrane owes a balanced and comprehensive ingredients composition for skin hydration, skin elasticity, formation and repairing of connective tissues.

After noticing the insufficient eggshell membrane waste management problem in the Netherlands and Europe, Ms. Chang Liu teamed up with Dr. Rong Wang and proposed the business idea on revealing eggshell membrane’s hidden treasure with their scientific knowledges, which received extensive strong interests and support from parties of poultry farmers, incubators, business experts, grant providers and manufactures. Motivated by our vision and interests, two female entrepreneurs bravely founded EGGXPERT B.V. with solid support from Start-up Incubator in the Netherlands in warm wither of 2017.

Being as a young innovative start-up, EGGXPERT upholds the vision in combining oriental wisdom and advanced technologies to provide sustainable solutions on eggshell membrane biowastes for a circular economy. Along with the journey, EGGXPERT is attracting wide attentions and building partnerships with top research universities, local business support teams, funding accessibility and worldwide companies. Up to now, EGGXPERT is keeping the pace in achieving business milestones:

EGGXPERT is expecting to launch its first facial mask product for skin care in Dutch market in 2020 Summer. In the near future, EGGXPERT will step onto broader markets with increasing product and service variations and spare no effort in benefiting the society with this precious hidden treasures from our mother nature.

EGGXPERT's portfolio

  • 2018 March: Achieved first subsidy as business starting fund from LIOF – LBDF
  • 2018 July: Established solid eggshell membrane supply chain with major egg processors in the Netherlands
  • 2018 December: Accomplished lab-scale feasibility study with the collaborations with top universities in Netherlands and Germany
  • 2019 January: Defined clear business strategy for cosmetic sector with two product lines, targeting both middle- and high-end market in EU and China
  • 2019 May: Established solid partnership with EU manufacturers for raw materials and final product
  • 2019 June: Total achieved funding reached a number of 175K euro
  • 2019 November: Defined first product branding concept and packaging design with Cube Design Museum’s collaboration
  • 2020 February: Expanded business scope to medical and health sector
  • 2020 June: granted with COL-corona bridging loan from ROM’s
  • 2020 November: Joint force of Yashi Xiao on Marketing management
  • 2021 Janurary: TCI (Taiwan) as manufacture partner & Join force of Sandy Ying in marketing stratigic promotion
  • 2021 March: Joint force of graphic designer 

Dr. Rong Wang, CEO

"Dedicated to sustainable and environmental related business development. An innovator with strong driven force on translating bio-organic materials / innovations to market. Experience in chemistry, biomaterials, smart materials, additive manufacturing, tissue regeneration and bio-medicine research.”


Ir. Chang Liu, COO

"Specialized in bio-based materials research and applications. An interdisciplinary product design engineer who is pursuing a career path in sustainability. Faithfully in digging nature’s & traditional wisdom for modern product development.”

Hugo Nikkel, Business Advisor

"Experienced business development manager with a proven track record in international collaborative project coordination. Experience in various high-tech startups related to smart materials & sustainable manufacturing, life science and health and food & nutrition. Previous experience at Brightlands Innovation Factory and Startup Bootcamp Smart Materials.”


Ir. Yashi Xiao, CMO

"Specialized in chemical product design and biotechnology. A designer who is experienced in continuous process in pharmaceutical industry and who has worked with multicultural project groups. Excellent at communication and implementation of consumers’ thoughts into novel product development. Passionate about propagating sustainable concept as well as lifestyles to the public.”


Sandy Ying, Marketing strategist

"Experienced in international communication, focused on creating awareness about sustainability on social media and working on establishing sales channels. Passionate about sustainable skincare and social media marketing.”


Jacoba Seminck, strategic product designer

"A creative, insightful and optimistic Strategic Product Designer who is determined to improve the living standards in all parts of the world. In every project social impact and sustainability are a priority to create value for individuals and their environment.”

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