“Nature’s beauty is a gift that cultivates apreciation an gratitude.”
Louie Schwartz


In Netherlands, every day 30 million eggs are processed and theoretically 181 tons of eggshell waste will be generated. According to EU regulations, industrial eggshell is considered as hazardous waste and collected by national authorities or managed by egg companies. Therefore, egg forks have to pay thousands of euros to get rid of their waste in landfills, or by grinding and burning up to convert it into animal feed and low value products.
However, as the natural bio-based materials, eggshell is a valuable source when the mineral shell and the inner membrane separated. This inner membrane takes up weight of 0.1 wt% and gently envelops the embryo and protects embryos from harmful microorganisms. It’s a hidden treasure. It can be a source of interesting products for pharmacy, cosmeticts or medicine, mainly because of its enrichment in proteins and glycosaminoglycans. Calcium carbonate from the shell itself can be used in paper manufacture, fertilizers, enforcement fillers or painting. EGGXPERT is providing the sustainable solutions for eggshell bio-waste management by creating products that are bio-based, natural and sustainable


Founder & Managing Director

Dr. Rong Wang was a post-doc researcher working in MERLN Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine, under the leadership of Prof. dr. Clemens van Blitterswijk in Maastricht University. She did her PhD research in Twente University, working on osteoarthritis regeneration in the institute of MIRA. With her interests on dedication to sustainable/environmental-related business development, she joined EGGXPERT project right in the beginning. Given strong encouragement to her partner Chang Liu and taken her own strong belief to the potential success of this business concept, the team assembled with strong scientific background.r.wang@eggxpert.nl


Founder & Project Manager

Chang Liu, raised by a family with strong traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) atmosphere, is strongly motivated and dedicating in transferring traditional wisdom into modern lifestyle. During her bachelor thesis, She innovatively created a new strategy in the preparation of chitosan wound-dressing membranes, and made this innovation successfully patented by State Intellectual Property (SIPO) of China. Later on, she studied in Biobased Material Master Program of Maastricht University. With a strong interest in commercialization of biobased materials, she joined in the pre-incubation program of Brightlands Innovation Factory and proposed the business idea of developing eggshell membrane (ESM) into cosmetic products. The very positive market feedback from both egg and cosmetic industry was successfully moving Chang Liu forward to continue her entrepreneur journey right after her master graduation.c.liu@eggxpert.nl